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I’ve heard that the colors just fade out over time. Is this true?

Although you can lose some surface color in extreme wearing situations, all of the iron oxide pigments used in these processes are UV resistant and should not fade. Additionally, the color hardeners that are used to color the surface create a finished surface that is substantially harder than normal concrete and will not wear as quickly. Depending on the coloring techniques used, the concrete color may change slightly over the concrete curing period but, if maintained properly, those colors are there to stay. When the decorative project is complete, it has been treated with a sealer that protects the surface from staining and also brings out the richer colors of the surface. If you notice that the colors are fading, it’s just an indication that the sealer is wearing and the light is no longer reflecting the colors as it once did. A new seal coat, if desired, will bring back the original rich colors.