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So why should I use decorative concrete, rather than natural stone or pavers on my project?

Durability. Properly installed concrete has a design life of 30-50 years. When you add the myriad products that are used in decorative concrete – fiber reinforcing, color hardeners, high-quality sealers, etc. – the surface is even less prone to wear and deterioration, and, in theory, should have a substantially extended life. In natural stone and mortared brick applications the stones are secured with mortar. It looks great initially, but mortar can only withstand the torture of a horizontal exterior application in the range of 6-8 years, before it needs re-pointing (cleaning out and installing new mortar). Well done re-pointing can cost up to half-again as much as the original patio. Paver applications are prone to heaving in freeze-thaw climates, which may require annual attention, and they hold on to enough dirt to sustain grass growth in the warmer months, which may need attention each time you mow grass. Also, stamped concrete can easily be formed to contoured designs, which, unlike pavers, brick and stone, costs nothing extra.