"The quality of the work was EXCELLENT! The level of craftsmanship was far superior to any other concrete team I have worked with in my 25 year design career."

— John Hill

This driveway project was installed in 2013 in McLean, VA for an architect’s residence. This involved
7,500 SF of a mix of finishes. The borders and trapezoidal bands of the circular drive were a
multicolored stamped slate pattern. The primary fields of the circular and lead drives were integrally-
colored concrete in two different shades, with an exposed pea gravel finish. There is also an exposed
river rock band installed at the driveway transition towards the rear garages. The idea for this was to
provide continuity between the soft-set river rock borders that defined the main drive area. There is
also a natural stone paving section as the driveway passes through the trellis section along the front of
the residence.

The owner’s comments about the project conditions and results:

You had to work for a demanding, detail oriented Architect who was hard to please
You had work in a tight time frame, and pull off the job a couple of times to accommodate party events
You had to coordinate work around simultaneous landscaping operations

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