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I was told that decorative concrete was much cheaper than real stone. Is that true?

On an average patio (600 square feet), the cost may be 40-60% less than mortared stone, brick, or pavers. However, every project has specific issues to consider when determining job costs – project size, location, accessibility, existing hardscapes or other obstacles, slope of the terrain, etc. – and the installation cost can vary accordingly. In addition to material costs, there are other fixed costs that must be absorbed by each project based on the amount of time required to do the job. Considering the duration of travel, site preparation, pouring, stamping, cleaning and sealing, the time required to complete a 700 SF walkway is not substantially different than a project of only 400 SF. Both have the same built-in fixed costs, but, on a unit price basis, the larger one distributes it in a much more palatable way. The result? The smaller project may not, in the short term, be the “cheapest”. However, when selecting your paving materials short-term costs are not the only ones to consider.