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What sort of warranty do you provide?

The short answer – We provide a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
The longer answer – There are a variety of items that may appear to be a defect, but are quite common/normal in this type of work, and consequently, they are not covered under our warranty.
These issues can include hairline cracks, concrete crazing, slight stamped or jointing imperfections, slight undulations in the stamped surface, and surface pulls or tears caused by the impressing process.  There can also be slight color differences between concrete truck loads and in the secondary accent color applications.  These are all things that we work to avoid or minimize, but some of these are simply out of our direct control.
I recognize that “slight” or “common/normal” can be subjective terms.  If clarification is needed, I would be happy to discuss and/or point you to additional instructive material on whatever topic is of concern.  To close, I think it’s important to understand that we want you to be happy with the product we install and, for some issues, we will make an effort to improve an imperfection that may bother you.  For others, we have learned over the years that some corrective efforts will be more distracting than the original issue, and we will caution you in that regard.
Other things not covered – Ordinary wear and tear, abuse or neglect, including the use of de-icing/salts or other chemicals that may damage the surface.  We provide a Care & Maintenance guide with each decorative concrete closing invoice to help you avoid these and similar problems.  If for some reason we did not provide it, please inquire so that we can send you a copy.